The NorthWest Academic Computing Consortium comprises colleges, universities, and other non-profit organizations in the Pacific Northwest and nearby areas. Founded in 1987, NWACC's mission is to foster communication and collaboration among its member institutions on the development and use of advanced technology for instruction, research, and administrative operations.

Member Institutions and Representatives

Central Washington University – Andreas Bohman (2014)
Clark College - Chato Hazelbaker (2014)
Eastern Washington University - Gary Pratt (2007)
The Evergreen State College - Tony Alfonso (2014)
George Fox UniversityTim Goodfellow (2013)
Gonzaga University - Jim Jones (2015)
Lewis & Clark College -Adam Buchwald (2012)
Linfield College - Virginia Tomlinson (2014)
Montana State University-Bozeman - Jerry Sheehan (2014)
North Dakota University System - Lisa Feldner (2015)
Oregon Health & Science University - Bridget Barnes (2007)
Oregon State University - Lois Brooks (2010)
Pacific Lutheran University - Frank Moore (2013)
Pacific University - Jim Fleming (2011)
Portland Community College - No current representative (previously Jackie Barretta, 2015-16)
Portland State University - Kirk Kelly (2013)
Reed College - Marianne Colgrove (2002)
Seattle Pacific University - David W. Tindall (2001)
Seattle University - Charles Porter (2012)
Southern Oregon University - Brad Christ (2011)
University of Alaska System - Karl Kowalski (2011)
University of Hawaii - Garret Yoshimi (2015)
University of Idaho - Daniel Ewart (2012)
University of Montana - Matt Riley (2013)
University of Oregon – Chris Krabiel (2016)
University of PortlandCurt Pederson (2013)
University of Puget Sound - Jeremy Cucco (2016)
University of Washington - Kelli Trosvig (2012)
Washington State University - Sasi K. Pillay (2016)
Western Washington University - John Lawson (2006)
Whitman College - Dan Terrio (2001)
WICHE - Michael Abbiatti (2015)
Willamette University - Jackie Barretta (2016)

Initial year of Council service indicated in parentheses.


The NorthWest Academic Computing Consortium was founded in 1987 by ten institutions: the Universities of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington; Oregon State and Washington State; the North Dakota University System, the Oregon Graduate Institute, the Boeing Corporation, and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). Its mission was to promote education, research, and economic development in the Pacific Northwest. It began by creating a high-speed network to link the Northwest to the rapidly emerging national Internet.

NWACC operations were initially housed at the Boeing Company and later moved to the University of Washington. NWACC's network clientele quickly grew to more than 170 colleges, universities, libraries, hospitals, museums, professional associations, and corporations such as Microsoft, Nike, and Intel. In 1995, the network services component of NWACC, NorthWestNet, was spun off as a for-profit subsidiary and in 1997 it was sold to Verio, Inc.

The membership of NWACC currently includes colleges and universities, statewide university systems, and related higher education organizations. Chartered as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, in 2001 NWACC was designated a "supporting organization" to provide grants to its member institutions in furtherance of the Consortium's mission and goals. Admittance of new members is by Board invitation.


Officers of the Corporation

Martin Ringle, President
(971) 266-0130

John Lehman, Vice President
University of Alaska-Fairbanks
(907) 474-6575

Molly Thurston Parker, Secretary-Treasurer
(503) 498-8935

Board of Directors

Lois Brooks, Chair (2015-2016)
Oregon State University

Gary Pratt, Vice Chair (2016), At-Large Member 2015-2016
Eastern Washington University

Bridget Barnes (2015-2016)
Oregon Health and Science University

Marianne Colgrove (2015-2016)
Reed College

Jim Fleming (2015-2016)
Pacific University

Kirk Kelly (2016-2017)
Portland State University

John Lawson (2015-2016)
Western Washington University